Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Speak For The Greatest Good

We need to consider the impact to the collective when we make decisions. The greatest good comes when we do this. The greatest good will not always maximize the benefit to us personally. But, we need to learn what is enough for us, and how to balance this against the needs of others.
Wayne Hartman, Beyond Imagination.

It takes conscious effort to build a healthy community. It is through community that we accomplish things far greater than we can with the sum of our individual efforts. Here is where the power of synergy gets applied, allowing spirit additional avenues for the expression not only through us as individuals, but through us as a collective. This is as the difference between the individual brain cells and the mind that occupies the brain.

In society, it seems we suffer by trying too hard to put round pegs in square holes. It would be far better to assess the shape of each person and then try to put them in the right place in society. That place would be where their unique gifts and skills are of most benefit to society or, at  least, are of value to society.

We know what is lacking. We know what is not working. We may not want to admit it. We may fear what some of the alternatives might be. The bottom line is that some of the fundamental foundations of society are cracked badly and may be ready to topple shortly. Recognizing this, we have an obligation to use our power of free will to do something about it or to do nothing and allow the foundations to come crashing down - before our very eyes!

The people of Jacobu have the onus, as the district capital, to lead the charge and take Amansie Central as well as the Odotobri Constituency to the hilltop. Everyone is called. The calling is: We are here to make a difference, each and everyone of us. Changing the world is everyone's business, it is everyone's job.

When you have the time to speak to the people, speak for the greatest good.