Monday, February 6, 2012

The Narrow Path

"If ye were of the world, the world would love his own; but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you."

John 15:19

Just yesterday I was handed over my freedom pass into the land where all Earth Masters walked - The Narrow Solitary Path. Henceforth, I am a free man to say what need be said and tell what need be told, write what need to be written and document the most outrageous record. For I have succeeded in freeing myself from societal trappings set to perpetually put man into captivity. In the end, "The stone that the builders refused, shall be the chief cornerstone." I pray that end comes before the end of us all. And it shall be soon! Not that their downfall is any of my joys, but natural law decrees irrevocably that, "Touch not my anointed!"

Today, I sit here on top of the golden hill beholding all that has characterized our earth-walk as a people. Our history is not far-fetched and so it is relatively easier for one of my kind to bring into review the bitty-gritties of our daily body politic. We Jacobus are one interesting people. Any Jacobite is a passionate talker, and a fluent public speaker (but mostly for an unknown courses). And whoever wants to be heard is heard shouting. Interesting.

For openly critiquing the rulers of my people, our so-called leaders now seek to defame my hard-earned reputation and bring my gentleness into disrepute. Sadly they shall achieve some success before, gladly, their comeuppance befall them in no time. I haven't been the good boy that is overpraised in the courtesy books; neither have been all bad that no good can be found in. I have fully experienced life that the average 30-year young man can taste of. I have no regrets whatsoever about my past and my present. But I painfully shall regret what lies ahead on us, as a people, should I be coiled into mute silence for fear of persecution.

Both top-most political leaders in Jacobu have a sore need for some serious advisers and aides. Ironically, both are oblivious to their predicament which shows in their obstinate lack of discernment in choosing aides and personal advisers. What we now have on our hands as a result of their negligence is, potentially, good men surrounded (even swallowed!) by self-seeking despots and demagogues who know nothing when it comes administering public rule. It should therefore come as no big surprise to any of my so-journeying kinsmen - and women - to visit home and be confronted with nothing but strife, neglect for free wisdom, blatant disregard for what I call 'educated input', as well as the continual extinction of the community spirit by partisan politics.

Surely such shall not be the destiny of my people! Amansie Central District/the Odotobri Constituency deserves better than avaricious finger-pointing leaders who know almost nothing about what it means to lead the political charge. Not so long as there is a High Council at the centre of which the Almighty sits in state.

So for those who have known, in full or in part, who the heck! Kwasi Mensah is, today, he's been counted among the rebels, the cursed, the forsaken, the rejected... just as the likes of Socrates, Gandhi, Mandela, Biko, Nkrumah, So-Journer Truth, Peace Pilgrim, Paul and even the Son of God-Son of Man Jesus were cast by the ignorant masses at the time their eyes were sealed from beholding that free Light the Maker blessed Humanity with in the lives of such.

Socrates believed "ideals belong in a world only the wise man can understand", making the philosopher the only type of person suitable to govern others. In Plato's dialogue the Republic, Socrates was in no way subtle about his particular beliefs on government. He openly objected to the democracy that ran Athens during his adult life... Socrates objected to any form of government that did not conform to his ideal of a perfect republic led by philosophers.

Gandhi manifested a self-sacrificing offer of his life to free his people even when the oppressor and the oppressed thought he was not of himself. Can you believe that?
Mandela was deemed a terrorist by the colonial masters of his beloved country; so was Nkrumah and Biko. Few appreciated the impact So-Journer Truth's escapades would have on America's thorny human rights record for the Black slaves. You should know Jesus' story better (for all the days you've called yourself a Christian). Cruelly crucified for freely espousing esoteric truths that hold the Universe together. SELAH

Today we all bask in the achievements of such radical stalwarts of change without fully appreciating the forces they had to stand against, the persecutions they endured, the names they were called, lies that were said about them, to the point of brutally killing them so you and I can be what I AM today. The torch is lighted and except on the lamp-stand, nowhere else fits better for it to be positioned.

Let he who reads take note that the End begins where the Beginning begins; Darkness ushers in Day. And so at the cusp of change as gargantuan as is taking place right now in your world today, this time calls for the renewal of your mind. And it begins NOW.

Come all ye faithfuls!