Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Watching Over The City

And the men of the city said unto Elisha, Behold, I pray thee, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord seeth: but the water is naught, and the ground barren. So the waters were healed unto this day, according to the saying of Elisha which he spake.
                                                                   2 Kings:2:19-22: 

There is one thing I like about the prophets of old, they earned the trust of their people and they truthfully respected that trust. They upheld the presence of God and always interceded on behalf of their people. Even in times when their God was in bad taste with them, these astute men of faith could not tarry in delivering an unpleasant message.

I remember at the time of repentance my God asked me who I do want to be. Of course Jesus was my immediate answer until He led me to see Jesus rather as my lifetime companion than a model. So I spent some weeks reading my Bible to find someone I'd want to be like. I found one, among many, in the books of old! His name is Nehemiah!

In the days when God's people returned to their land, I remember the services of Ezra as he conducted the census; Nehemiah as he architectured the rebuilding of the ruined city walls; and  Tobias and Samballat as the duo vehemently antagonized the project to save their own city.

Nehemiah's resolve to see to the end of what he started is my all time inspiration. As a prophet and king, the people of Judah found a rock as leader who led not only with far-sighted vision but also with mastery.

I heard God call out to my kindred to step forward to restore the devastations of old in the land of men -- Jacobu. It IS a tough call. The prophet-king shall have to stand in the chasm between the past and the future of the city whose men fell into silence after the war over some two generations ago. And the One must take the stance now, in the present hour!

One thing is for sure, The One shall be hated to be loved; derided to be revered; cursed to be blessed; persecuted to be worshiped. In the end, God shall honor every word to see to the fulfillment of the prophecy! Blessed is The One who shall respond to the call.

That night I sat with God till dawn. Those who kept us company were the moon, the stars and the cool night breeze. I saw the future of the land of my fathers, my motherland. In that panoramic vision, the foliage is green; the rivers never run dry; the forest giveth its best; food is in abundance; the mountains are still imposing; the land gives more than we know now - the gold kept spreading; there is a smell of oil; the skies are clear so I could see beyond the horizon. And I saw the rise of a new people. Their new name is the name of old - Jacobu. They are happy. Their marriage is sweet. The young people jump like an hare in the moonlit night. The children glitter like the morning sun. Their laughter lights up the city!

As we parted company, I opened my eyes and saw that the dust still prevail, the people are still divided, the kings are sleeping and the warriors have retired. The land is almost barren, our gold is in the hands of wrong people and children are begetting children.

Yet the walls shall be rebuilt! We too shall walk one the streets of gold like the new Jerusalem!

Elisha has spoken and the waters are healed!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Light On The Lampstand

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

                                                               Matthew 5: 14-16

In just about four days Jacobu is to be lighted up for a night. The young people are resolved to announce their presence. On the 24th day of December, 2010, there's going to be a night of music, dance. poetry alongside a bonfire. The first of it's kind since the war.

I was contacted by a fellow kinsman some three weeks ago. His concern was a simple appeal that, as young people we need to ensure end of year festivities are marked in a grand style for the entire week during Christmas. I just looked on as he passionately went on pouring his heart for his beloved town. He knew I could help; and I was more than ready to do so!

In the end, he pledged to foot whatever bill for us to have this addition to the youth programmes. Right then and there, the two of us agreed on something. Something as entertaining as An Open-Mic Talent Hunt!
In simple terms, the night is going to be a stage performances of poetry, music: rap, hiplife, look-alike, demo, duo..., dance: choreography, freestyle... and jokes!

The bonfire is to remember our folks we lost over the year. The young, old and the very old. It is also to send a signal to whoever is observing that we mean well. Our intentions, aspirations; our visions and hope; we mean well and we can do anything, be it good or bad but especially the GOOD.

For some years now, The Jacobu Youth Association has been persistent in putting the Youth Agenda forward to whatever institution that is in town. We have earned the privilege to be recognized and allowed a hearing in almost every meaningful leadership office in town and across the District.

Our programs have not been all entertainment, games and sports. We have had some successful achievements in education, politics and communal labour. And we continue the strive to be at the forefront of everything Jacobu. I am looking forward to the day our long-term project -- The Jacobu Education Fund -- will be fully established. That shall be a day I will cry while smiling.

Till then, my kith and kin, you are always welcome to the land of your fathers. Your motherland. The city is still set on the hill. God is still the overlord and his chosen ones have responded to the call to rebuild the city walls.

Friday 24th December, 2010 begins this year's end-of-year line-up of activities. And I guarantee, it shall go into the history books as one of the most significant youth rallies of all time.

On Sunday, December 26th, 2010, we shall host the 7th Annual Fund raising Dinner Night at the newly opened guest house- Friends' Club. And on the 1st and 2nd of January , 2011, every suburb is openly invited to come partake in the 5th Annual Football Gala.

Things are getting better. Come be our witness!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcoming The New End of Year

The man that takes no interest in public affairs is more than harmless; he is useless!          Pericles (Athenian Leader) 

I have had small opportunities to work in bigger capacities; what I've learnt is simply this: politicians need not be paid for serving the public, the republic has done so much for politicians to the extend that we doubt what else they do with their pay. I am not shocked at their extravagance, the deed approves the necessary glitz and glammour that come with serving the public. What shocks me is politicians output; I am sure there is too much waste. We need to clean that from among ourselves so that the public's trust with statesmanship may not be betrayed. We can do what we do for free. I am a witness.

It's easy dreaming to be the leader, is uneasy becoming the leader. Once the leadership is achieved, many of us realize their unpreparedness in overcoming the temptations that come with the position we hold. The public is not  so in the known what happens behind the scenes. Why else do you think the public must be served information of what is going on. In this thirst to know, people are mostly fed with no meaningful details of what goes into the projects undertake. We make sure to tell them what we want them to hear instead of what they need to know.

I have been involved in several socio-community  programs financed from public donations. I am involved in almost five annual community events that seek to promote communal spirit rather than religious or political; these are competitive activities whose ultimate winner is the society whose sons and daughters offered to pay the cost. Our constant challenge is to make judicious use of the funds the public gave us so that the trust from which it was given may not be broken. Misappropriation of funds cannot be allowed to happen. The output must weigh the input on the balance. In effect, what we produce must be above the standards that was set us.

I must add that, monies that are given for most of our programs are mostly very substantial to be left in the hands of a group of youngsters, from poor backgrounds, to manage. Sometimes, man is tempted to be shrewd but to us, the public trust is more valuable to let our vanity taint it. We have been consistent in proving beyond people's expectations.

Strong leadership is having the mastery to attract a following instead of followers. Onces people bow to your command, you are really not on top of issues for many words are concealed in a commandment. When people follow you, leadership is what ensures that we asked for the opportunity so we can be who we truly are, not what we want to be. I am truly not corrupt, and I don't want to be as such so I live by some standards so as not to become one. The best how is to live above the mark.

Produce quality instead of mediocrity; speak truth in place of lies; and always try to see from the other perspective as well. By so doing, we will understand the deed that binds us to be in leadership. Whosoever leader that is principled this way shall never see lack in his leadership. The public shall see to it that all his needs are met. Then the King begins to live in abundance. The King that rules with mastery.

This End of Year, Jacobu shall be treated to yet another body-moving, people-uniting, talent-nursing, and social get-together of a happy people. We shall take advantage of the biggest religious festive occasion in history to invoke the community spirit after a full year of poor partisan political leadership, slow but consistent rate of infrastructural development, many loses of loved ones, religious stagnation and weakening chieftain authority.

The Youth of the old city have awakened to redefine the meaning of nativity. Our best bet is we believe in common unity. In return, the public entrusts into our hands, huge sums of monies to spread the awakening. Quite generous donations from the Odotobri Rural Bank, the MP, the District Assembly, individuals and simple business men. All that is required of us is to be truthful and bare good fruits. Thank God we have been living up to and trying to live above the mark.

We shall come your way with the 7th edition of the Annual End of Year Dinner Night. You will have a suave, executive and sexy night to remember;
We shall host the 5th Annual Football Gala. Every suburb is invited to come again with their gallant young men    to the two-day high-spirited soccer action.

There is a new addition! For the 1st time, we shall be throwing an open-mic concert on 24th Dec! A talent hunt of some sort where all is given chance to perform a song, a dance, a joke or a poem. Side attraction include bonfire at midnight, a brass band and a heavy jam!

After it's all over, we shall make sure a substantial amount is set aside to be put into our coffers for future programs.

And believe me, I do freely contribute to making all this happen. And the public rewards me to my satisfaction! A lesson to the politicians.