Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Building The City Walls

20 Years of Constituency Rule
10 Years of District Status

Since the time when Adu Darko founded this city upon this mountain, never has Jakobu been blessed with an era rife with so much potential, possibility and conscious community development such as the present day. Yet it took our ancestral blood over 300 years to arrive at this generation; here and now, we are called to walk into tomorrow hand in palm as one people for that's what we truly are. 
Unfortunately, in the gleam of this light-filled day, darkness has befell my people.
Our eyes see next to nothing even as our ears has become hard of hearing. Our current amnesia is a result of the growth and expansion in numbers since the first clan mingled with all other clans in producing the extended families and households we have today.  Our farming founders extended their farming activities into other hamlets and cottages giving birth to more villages and towns. 

It brought us this far - the smaller clans became large enough; our village became a town which has grown to become a city befitting a constituency and district capital today.The time has come for us to fulfill whatever libation or sacrifice or prayer our ancestors offered to Otwediampon Kwame and Asaase Yaa in our name and time.
I remember our forefathers affirming amen to all the cocks and sheep whose blood was drained along with spirits and drinks to invoke the gods for this day:

We have seen a great harvest of people across over 260 satellite towns and village settlements.
We have been blessed with evergreen foliage and flowing streams which are currently under attack by gold diggers.
We have built schools and have our children read and write and speak even a  foreign language.
We have grown a bank from scratch and - in thirty years now - producing beautiful fruits.
We have a fledgling hospital - thanks to the christian advent.
We have been invited to a seat in the Parliament House of this country.
We continue to extend electricity into the hinterlands and rightly so.
We have been accorded a district status.
We no longer drink from wells and streams and rivers. Water flows instead.

Now Jacobu is a digital location... literally a dot on your map and Net!
We must connect the city to its universal port.
We must build a post secondary college to absorb the products from our high schools.
We must prepare befitting state park/playing grounds for our young and energetic bodies.
We must shed our religious/partisan/personal differences for they serve no higher purpose. 
We must revisit our farming  seasons and methods to produce more bumper harvest for the growing population.

To do that 
We will need a unity of thought fashioned by strong leadership.
We will need our MP and DCE to align with the Chief/Queen and all institutional heads (especially the bank, the hospital and the SHS) in charting the way forward.
We will need our religious denominations to orient our people's minds to their own community affairs other than sending their heart to the course of the Jews. We are Asantes! God knows we are!!
We need conscious community development plan.
We need to meet more often at the community center to just share the synergy of a one people.

Once all these walls are built, our linking roads shall lead into this destined ancient city on the hill - Jakobu. 

Me ma mo Afehyia Pa!!

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