Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On Top of this Mountain

We are sleeping on gold
Yet we keep wake in poverty and scarcity

Imagine with me
And see Gyakobu in the small village it was three centuries ago
I can see life then in its pure and primitive forms
Living in this thick odotobri forest
Sharing the land with the crows and other birds, the cobra and the other snakes
And all living creatures manifesting as rivergods, rocks, ancient trees and hills

Beneath such grandeur of evergreen foliage
Everywhere is gold!
Underneath the mountains are giant rocks and rivers - the custodians
We have watched outsiders invade our ancestral treasury
Stealing our gold in broad day light, sadly...

At this hour
Mmarima Krom is weak and feeble
The way-showers have good intentions but possess no common vision...
...No universal plan, no public agenda, no development strategy; no unity of purpose
Our women continue to be kept home and take no interest in public discourse

We fail to honour who we are
Our parents no longer tell us nativity stories
The old folks are still shrewdly considered evil
The youth is lost and divided -  yet to unite!
For there is no time to who we are or where we come from
We fail to regard the other as a kith and kin - a family so to speak

Hardly do we, as a people, discuss the development of Gyakobu
So district assembly concept is largely not understood
The constituency is yet to see an institution carved out of our parliamentary representation
We have left the city gates  opened for plunder - we are invaded!
Yet the native is blinded by poverty and ignorance
The sojourner eats the fat of the land as we lick the dripping blood and fight over bones

Wake up, my people
Our time is up; tomorrow comes today
This is the land God promised you when coming to Earth
That Gyakobu is your inheritance
It should mean more to you than your religious denomination and political party
The greatest is the land, and we are her people
The trees are ours; and the rivers and the hills and all beneath it!

Are you awake?

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