Monday, May 19, 2014


Even as I may want to talk my history and ancestry all day, it seldom comes as a treat in that my people are quite oblivious to our own story. I must acquiesce at this juncture and speak to the hearing of the few faithfuls who may have lost themselves in the sea of other scriptures to the detriment of our own.

Personally my biblical heroes are not those that did the most miracles and wonders. Not even the ranting preachers and prophets but the ordinary nation callers/builders who always showed up in time of need to re-build the walls of Jerusalem. Anytime I read of the exploits of Ezra and Nehemiah, my passion for Jakobu is rekindled more and would want to do more to see it rebuilt. But the people of Judah knew their history and all the stories of their ancestors. They saw the wisdom to pen the once all oral narratives into written documents to be revered, read, and understood for a guided living.  Perhaps, Israel's strength lied not only with the power of their omnipotent God but by the sheer  devotion of the Jews to who they are and where they come from. If today more than a quarter of the global citizens profess the Jewish faith cum Christian movement, the credit goes to the ordinary people who upheld their faith even in the midst of storms, foreign occupation, subjugation, oppression and tyranny. 

One fascinating revelation is how those men (and women) were called by God and the people's reception of them.  Yes, it were never easy  for any of them be it a prophet, king or judge in administering their mission and calling. The universal 'human nature' -  which remains constant in any human grouping - at the time, always caused  a hindrance/resistance of sorts. Some prophets and their message were ignored, some kings were killed, some lawgivers were blatantly disobeyed... but at any point in time, the sent ones who responded to the call had a way to channel their message across. Today, it is still these names that the biblical chapters are written of/about and we all attest to the reverence we attach to such names even as we seek the face of God and heaven.

When I was way younger, Jakobu had few people we looked up to. The Agyekums, the Gyapongs, the Fosus... and the others were accorded such exalted respect that, their very presence alone inspired confidence in a  schoolchild such as me and most of my colleagues. I remember when my mates talked about Kwabena Gyapong of blessed memory, my heart always leapt in anticipation of my future input. The future is here with me at last and sadly, finding such an inspiration has become a hope that may go unfulfilled. It may be the time to question our Gods why such men are not reincarnating any longer; and if one is alive, how have they prepared him/her/them for this hour?

Now, Jakobu is rife with almost all the institutions that should see to its glory but the fact remains unchallenged that, the good people of Jakobu are yet to have full control of any of their vital institutional assets. There is a score of people in and among us who believe that perhaps, the palace horn must be blown and assemble the forces both ancestral and current, our deities and people - to reclaim and take charge of what is rightfully ours. And many are those assets that must be reorganized to the people's benefit: the gold, the land, leadership and human resource, and our treasury.

One more thing should not be overlooked as nothing when in fact, it is the crucial thing -- our human capacity building! We should, as a matter of urgency, consider the next step in our mind-training practices. The school system is good enough but must not continue to 'stop' at SHS. We need a post-sec institution as soon as possible. Our current youth mix is a people with diverse educational backgrounds. This is good but we need more. Funding for higher education remains the greatest deterrent to this mind-training call which I call on the town to find it important to sit on and make proper decisions to source and allocate funds for higher learning. Other than that, we shall continue to witness this ghastly reality of our affairs being taken care of by people who less understand us.

I am very comforted the way our own young people are calling for a unified front. The youth association may not have 'delivered' as some of us hoped. But the fact that a few kept the dream alive may be the elixir stirring up the unity wave right now. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the resurrection of the JYA and yes, our time is always now to act and do what is right. But oneness is a feat denied many a youth movement. The caution here is that those in power - in whichever form or practice - do not rejoice to deal with a united front especially a cluster of youth. So youth leaders and followers alike must watch out for such tendencies that come in many forms and guises.

In the final analysis, we are one people bonded by the Jakobu spirit and blood. The vision remains same: let us arise together to rebuild this ancient city on the hill. We will need greater strength and resolve but we are up to the task. We are the post-war era after all.


  1. God has prepared and made us as the instrument of light and peace, so it's up to us to shine.

  2. They want to treat us as strangers on our own ancestral land. Had our community really been reduced to this? if we lose then the people of Jacobu has lost.