Monday, June 2, 2014

By Their Deeds...

Did I hear Jacobu Youth Association does not exist?

We can forgive those who have difficulties in reading and comprehension.
But the question is: what are people reading in schools these days? That, when an organised group is perceived to be one and united and its leaders have stayed the course for years, any body who calls him/herself an aggrieved member could employ their little knowledge and write to whom it may concern and declare that united group non-existent?

As if we don't know any of them and what they do. I have witnessed and followed some of them grapple with the little responsibility that leadership gave them in other circles; some have resigned from their posts because circumstances were beyond their control whilst many are yet to swallow the bitter pill of leading a pack.

If it appears that the leaders of JYA are having things all smooth and comfortable, the credit should go to the way and manner these few ones have conducted themselves the last 10 years in both their private and public lives. It is not because they are having things easy and cheap.

Sometimes, some of our folks argue as if the Association is a full-time employment with offices and working hours, where leaders are paid to run the mandate. They slant their accusations to make it sound as if there exists a continuous stream of income from somewhere which the few leaders are misusing. They refer to so-called donations from especially political leaders and most recently the bank as if those monies were thrown at us, at no effort, for and on behalf of the public. Such lack of understanding and sheer jealousy has led many to have tried and set their own sort of association with one ill-motive - to counter JYA. They simply forget that joining and remaining a member of this Association is completely voluntary and self-sacrificing. Or they just don't know. Both are unfortunate and disheartening for a town whose walls remain crumbled and gates opened for plunder.

Now that they have nothing else to offer, they cry JYA non-existent. NOTHING ELSE IS FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

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